Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

Two of our undergraduates presented their work at the Summer Office of Undergraduate Research Symposium.


Marina presented her research with Kyla and Jason on Finite Element Modeling for the BPBI project


Deeqa presented her work with Jason on using Individual Trabecular Segmentation (ITS) to analyze trabecular bone-like microstructures.

OML “at” BMES 2020

Like most of 2020, BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society) looked different than normal. This year’s conference was held virtually. As with other BMES conferences, OML had a very strong showing, with five lab members presenting their research! Unfortunately virtual conferences don’t lend themselves to lots of photos, but you can check out a screen grab of Vince presenting his poster below!

  • Jason: Micro-Finite Element Models of Osteoporotic Bone Resist Changes in Performance Due to Downsampling
  • Sandra: Examining contributions of limb unloading to changes in bone perfusion with ischemic stroke
  • Annie Kate: Impact of Ischemic Stroke on Gait Mechanics in Older Mice
  • Vince: Optimizing the Modulus-Density Relationship in Finite Element Models of Vertebral Cancellous Bone
  • Jennifer: Reduced Humeral Bone Growth Following Brachial Plexus Birth Injury

ORS Annual Conference 2020

We had a great time in Phoenix at the annual ORS (Orthopaedic Research Society) meeting. It was great to get away from the cold weather in NC, even if we did have to deal with some extreme storms and tornado warnings on the way out.

Sandra, Emily and Jason all presented their research:

  • Sandra: Examining changes in bone perfusion and bone-specific biomarkers with ischemic stroke: Poster #1675.
  • Emily: Detriments in humeral bone microstructure and mineralization following brachial plexus birth injury: Poster #1695.
  • Jason: Heterogeneous tissue modulus improved prediction of mechanical behavior in human vertebral cancellous bone. Poster #1759.


2019 BME Department Retreat

Earlier this week, we attended our annual department retreat. It’s always great to get to see what others are doing, especially since our department spans two universities and sometimes we forget what each other is up to!

Sandra and Jason both presented posters highlighting their work.