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We once again partnered with the NC Math and Science Education Network (MSEN) to host our Biomechanics Day Event as part of their annual MSEN Day. This year, unlike last year, the event was held on Centennial Campus which meant that we could bring students to the labs in addition to our regular expo-type activities.

Gabby showed students how we can we use a force plateĀ to determine jump forceĀ and hang time

Almost as high as Michael Jordan!

Sandra used our hand-crank tensile tester to show students how different material properties need different amounts of force to break

Jenn and Nooshin had a hands-on activity to teach students about how material properties are a factor when developing hydrogels

Amy and Jingjie showed students an arm model that we use in some of our classes

And also demonstrated how muscle moment arms can make you seem very strong (or very weak!)

Derek’s group had a VR food fight to show how we can capture human movement and use it in biomechanics research

And Kristen showed off a powered exoskeleton that can be controlled with an app!

Until next year!

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