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Annual Undergrad Research Symposium

April 26, 2024

This year, six of our amazing undergrads were awarded funding through the Office of Undergraduate Research and presented at the annual symposium. Katie and Brooke gave talks about their work with BPBI. Josh, Brian, and Jason presented posters on their BPBI work and Carter presented a poster about his work with the Bone-on-Chip project. We love seeing the amazing work that they’re doing!

NCUR 2024

April 17, 2024

Several of our lab’s undergrads were selected to present their research at this year’s National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) Symposium. The event was in sunny southern California, and it looks like they had a great time!

2023 Summer OUR Symposium

July 31, 2023

OML was again well-represented at the summer OUR symposium with five posters!! We had Brian, Carter, Josh, Katie, Nic and all present the projects that they’ve been working on over the summer, and all did a phenomenal job.

(click photo to enlarge)

2023 Spring UR Symposium (+ Jacque wins an Award!)

April 27, 2023

Our undergraduates have been very busy. Several of them travelled to Wisconsin for NCUR, presented at the NC State Undergraduate Research Symposium, and presented a talk at our year-end Abrams seminar, all in less than 2 weeks!

At the Undergraduate Research Symposium, we had:

  • Kathryn: Characterization of Porous, Mineralized Collagen-Chitosan Scaffolds for use in a Bone-On Chip Platform (working with Sandra)
  • Brooke: Effects of Brachial Plexus Birth Injury on Composition of Biceps, Supraspinatus, & Subscapularis Muscles (working with Kyla)
  • Rose: Verifying Quality of Joint Reaction Forces Obtained from Musculoskeletal Models for Contact Finite Element Analysis of the Rat Shoulder Following BPBI  (working with Jason)
  • Amanda: Characterizing Architecture of a Biomimetic Bone Scaffold (working with Sandra)
  • Katie: Gait Impairment in a Rat Model of Brachial Plexus Birth Injury (working with Kyla)
  • Steven: Understanding Paw Preference Associated with Brachial Plexus Birth Injury (working with Kyla)

Amanda, Kathryn, Katie, and Brooke also presented their research at the Abrams Scholars Final Presentations.

In addition to the four above, Carter and Deeqa also presented at the Abrams final presentations:

  • Carter: Characterization of a 3D biomimetic bone scaffold for in vitro examination of bone microenvironments (working with Sandra)
  • Deeqa: Finite Element Analysis of Trabecular Bone Microstructure with Passive Joint Loads Following Brachial Plexus Birth Injury (working with Jason)

We’re also very proud to share that Jacque won the Michael Dickey Outstanding Research Mentor Award, which is presented annually at the Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium. This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated excellence in mentoring and supporting undergraduate researchers. Winners of this award show a commitment to serving as a guide for undergraduate students as they move from directed to more independent work, creating opportunities for them to develop advanced technical and soft skills, encouraging then to share their research publicly, supporting underrepresented students, and offering academic and career advice for their mentees. Jacque was nominated by our lab’s undergrads for everything that she does for them and for the lab.

NCUR 2023

April 18, 2023

In 2023, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) was held in Wisconsin at UW-Eau Claire. OML usually is well-represented at this event, but this year we practically took over! Brooke, Deeqa, Katie, Kathryn, Amanda, and Steven all represented OML and NC State this year. They had talks and posters and pretty much knocked it out of the park. We’re so proud!


Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

July 27, 2022

We had a whopping 6 undergrads present at the 2022 Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium! Or maybe only five, technically, since Christina is technically part of Kate Saul’s Lab. We’re so proud of all of them.

Spring OUR Symposium

April 27, 2022

We had two undergrads present posters at the Spring OUR (Office of Undergraduate Research) symposium. Kathryn presented her research with Sandra to optimize the Bone-On-Chip device, and Deeqa talked about her Finite Element Modeling work with Jason. Great job ladies!

2021 SNCURS Event

November 14, 2021

We had three students participate in the 2021 SNCURS (State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research Symposium) Event.

You can check out their talks/posters on the website, at least for now (we have no idea how long things will stay available, so we’ve included the link within the symposium and also a direct link to the YouTube video):

  • Deeqa talked about her research using the Individual Trabecular Segmentation (ITS) software to analyze trabecular bone-like microstructures: YouTube video
  • Kathryn spoke about her work developing a mechanism to study bone-vascular interactions: YouTube video
  • Jennifer spoke about her research into the effects of BPBI on gait and grip strength: [no YouTube video, but poster is below]

Sandra and Kathryn Present at CMI

August 13, 2021

Sandra and Kathryn recently presented their work in bone tissue engineering at the annual NC State CMI (Comparative Medicine Institute) Research & Innovation Summit. This is part of our lab’s collaboration with the Biointerface Lab, also in UNC/NCSU BME

Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

July 29, 2021

Two of our undergraduates presented their work at the Summer Office of Undergraduate Research Symposium.